The Missing Links is a management book written as a detective novel. Readers follow a small furniture company whose owner has died under suspicious circumstances, leaving his musician daughter in charge. Héloïse, the new CEO encounters a multitude of problems–high work-in-progress inventory, unsafe working conditions, conflicts between two in-house factions, longstanding customers beginning to withdraw their business, and increased competition.

Can this factory ever be profitable again? Will the shareholder sell the company to recover the ROI? How are the employees going to behave if they want to keep their jobs? Will Héloïse manage to conduct the changes in order to transform the business into a learning and adaptive enterprise?

Readers follow the journey of the company to utilize industry standards, including total quality, lean, total productive maintenance, flow management, as well as the newest demand driven methodologies that are changing modern supply chain management. “Clues” dispersed throughout the manuscript point readers in the direction of this website where 33 appendices of additional information are available in 3 sections: People, Tools & Methods & Processes, Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise. These 2 pages appendices are written by international experts who can be contacted for additional information or services.

The Missing Links is the study book for the newest Demand Driven Institute course: Demand Driven Supply Chain Fundamentals.


WORKSHOP The Fresh Connection

demand driven S&OP experience

Prochain workshop le 27 novembre à Paris

The Fresh Connection a demand driven S&OP experience avec Fapics (Association française de Supply Chain Management)

invité par FINANCE-INNOVATION Joëlle DURIEUX Hier à Amsterdam au #DemandDrivenWolrd des équipes venant de Canada Finlande Colombie France Asie ont parfaitement ajusté les buffers ddmrp du serious game en simulant le processus DDS&P pour maximiser le ROI et le service client.

Skill Buffers

The fresh connection

Découverte des Skill Buffers

Minneapolis - USA

APRIL 10, 2019

Skill Buffers

The fresh connection

DÉcouverte des Skill BufferS  

 Tanger - Maroc

14 mars 2019

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Since I read the Goal, almost 20 years ago, I have always searching for the next level in Supply Chain thinking. Caroline takes us on this journey and starts right from the beginning, making all the connections and showing the added value of all the great Supply Chain thinkers. She ends her juicy story with some final clues, solving the mystery and providing clear message that S&OP is ready to keep on evolving! Great work!



Recently I have bought a copy of « the missing links » through Amazon. Last weekend, I have read half of the book and balance in the coming weekend. It is such an amazing book, much better than « the goal ». Technical concept presented in such a novel way and very interesting to read. Congratulations for the same.



Definitely a must-read book! I really appreciated this novel which will find its rightful place on my bookshelf, right next to The Goal.

7 good reasons to read it:

  1. The Missing Links is a well written novel, easy to read and riveting to the end

  2. The action takes place a in a small / mid-size company, the type of which we would like to see more in our countries

  3. It introduces in a nice way all the concepts...

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book Reviews

Pôle Finance 11/19


Une formation décoiffante même pour des personnes n’ayant pas de connaissances actuelles de la Supply Chain. Une vision stratégique, synthétique, holistique tout en étant ponctuée par des exemples concrets participatifs. Un vrai challenge particulièrement réussi: un tel sujet et traité de la sorte,...

Sedapta Osys 10/19


Les notions complexes sont abordées sous l’angle ludique. L’illustration par le jeu et l’histoire est un bon moyen de mémoriser les mécanismes abordés....

Frankfurt 10/18


The course was very profesionnal and what was the best was to express all the detailed action on Rami case that we could follow and implement...

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