event aef adaptive enterprise foundation

AEF - Adaptive Enterprise Foudations - ONLINE

APRIL, 29,30 and MAY 6-7, 2021

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•This training is a must for people who want to get an overview of the history and main philosophies addressing flow management: MRP, Lean, Theory of Constraints, 6 sigma, DDMRP… Romain

•Grâce à AEF, j'ai compris l'esprit et la méthodologie DDMRP. L'application des buffers sur les skills semble un sujet novateur très intéressant en vue de diagnostics et plans d'action en entreprise. Christian

•It is an interesting role-play learning experience in class! Henry

•During these pandemic period above all the SMEs need to identify a new roadmap to survive. This course opens a great opportunity to various companies in order to well understand the big gap between the current difficult situation and the new demand driven adaptive enterprise (DDAE) model, capable to better perform in a VUCA world… So I strongly advice the course participation to the entire board committee, in order to trigger this necessary breakthrough for its organization. The course is innovative, balancing theory, concepts and practical exercises, all along the representation of the famous novel “The missing links. Giuseppe