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Tapisserie Atelier de la Martinerie Touraine FRANCE 

International Certified experts & authors

Thank you to my generous colleagues and friends hereunder for their contributions to read proof, review, suggest and write appendixes in two pages: only experienced experts can explain in simple and concice words. 

If you think that sharing ideas is the best way to create supply chains which people want to belong, and if you also want to contribute to clarify a topic in the novel, or to introduce a new topic, please write to Contact Us.

ARE you 
expert ?

Actual activities :

Free-lance expert in SCM, Materials flow control Specialist, APICS Premier Channel Partner

Expertise : Supply Chain Management, Advanced Inventory Management

Certification : IAE, ICG, CPIM, CFPIM, CSCP

Teaching activities : ...

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Actual activities : Owner, ParadoxSolve LLC,

Former Director International Development – APICS

Past President of SAPICS

Expertise : Corporate Education, Supply Chain Simulation, ERP

Certification : CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P, PLS, DDPP

Teaching activities : APICS Recognised Instructor

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Actual activities : Trainer, consultant coach and author    
Expertise : Co-Developer of NeuroLinguistic Programming and Success Factor Modeling
Certification : NLP master trainer
Teaching activities : NLP university Santa Cruz and worldwide : Strategies of Genious, World-class leadership, Generative coaching, generative NLP, Trainer-Facilitator-transformational Entrepreneur ...

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Actual activities : Group Supply Chain

Excellence Director for GKN plc
Expertise : Operational Excellence,

Supply Chain Management, Lean
Certification : CPIM
Teaching activities : Internal (GKN) instructor

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Actual activities :

Supply Chain Manager, GKN Driveline

Expertise : Planning, Inventory Management,

ERP, Systems and tools

Certification :


Teaching activities :

The Fresh Connection Facilitator, APICS IDP

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Actual activities : Educator, Consultant and Author, Seminar Leader and Conference Speaker, Board 
Member of End 68 Hours of Hunger, Past President of APICS , Past
Chair of Curricula and Certification Council

Expertise : ERP, SCM, DDMRP 

Certification : CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CDDP

Teaching activities : APICS – CPIM, CSCP, ISCEA - DDI ...

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Actual activities : Master Instructor, Demand Driven Institute, Managing Director, Catena Strategies Past President Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO)

Expertise : Demand Driven, Supply Chain Management, Theory of Constraints

Certification : SCOR-P, CDDP, CDDL, Jonah, TOCICO

Actual activities :

Materials Manager, Ecowater Systems LLC.

President, APICS Twin Cities Chapter

Instructor, Demand Driven Planner and APICS CSCP

Expertise : Planning, Inventory, Process Management

Certification : DDPP, CDDL, CSCP

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Actual activities : Plant manager, Supply chain director, Consultant for SME and multinationals, Seminars and conferences about S&OP around the world, Past president of Fapics

Expertise : S&OP, DDMRP, independant board member,

Certification : CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, CDDP, ASC

Teaching activities : APICS – CSCP, DDI - CDDP 

Actual activities : Independant board member, CEO of K2 Solutions, DDI Affiliate, DDI Instructor, President of MIDAS Consulting Group

Expertise : Independant board member, S&OP, DDAE, DDMRP, DDOM, Theory of Constraints, Lean

Certification : DDPP, CDDL, Lean Expert, IC3PM, IBP (S&OP), TOC Expert

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Actual activities : Co-Founder and Partner, Demand Driven Institute,

Former People Soft vice president, Past President of APICS


Expertise : Demand Driven, Planning, Inventory, Six Sigma, Lean,

Theory of Constraints, ERP

Certification : CFPIM, CIRM, AEFP, DDPP, DDLP, Jonah, Six Sigma Black Belt


Teaching activities : Master Instructor for various courses offered by the Demand Driven Institute

Books :  Theory H.O.W; Necessary but not Sufficient with Dc GOLDRATT; Quantum Leap – the next Generation; ERP, Tools, Techniques and Applications for integrating the supply chain (2 editions); MRP and Beyond;  Precisely Wrong; DDMRP (3 editions); The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise; Adaptive Sales and Operations Planning; Orlicky's MRP 3d & 4th Edition

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Actual activities : Consultant and educator In operations and supply chain management, Past president of SAPICS

Expertise : Manufacturing planning and control systems and inventory management 


Teaching activities : APICS - CPIM, CSCP, TTT, LDI, AIS,ISCEA-DDI - CDDP, CDDL 
The Fresh Connection facilitator

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Actual activities : Director, Flowing Consultoria

Expertise : Consultant for 20 years in strategy, operations and Supply chain

Certification : CDDP, CDDL , CDDP Instructor

Teaching activities : Professor in undergraduate and graduate courses in several Colombian universities since 1989

Books : Appendix in Apparel and retail model in Ptak and Smith Demand Driven MRP

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Actual activities : Partner, Demand Driven Institute Former managing partner Constraints Management Group

Expertise : Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise,

Theory of Constraints

Certification : Jonah’s Jonah, DDPP, DDLP

Teaching activities : DDI instructor

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Chad SMITH.jpg

Actual activities : Managing Partner, PMI Production Management Institute GmbH & Assistant Professor University of Applied Science Munich/Germany, former IT & Supply Chain Manager in the Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor Industry

Expertise : e2e Supply Chain Management, Demand & Supply Planning, Demand Driven, ERP, Supply Chain Education

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