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Boston USA

December 1, 2, 2017

Merci pour vos superbes critiques !


Good afternoon Keith, Caroline, and class!

After finishing the course on Friday, I could not be happier that I had attended the North shore APICS meeting where Keith was invited as a guest speaker.

I found the DDSCF course absolutely amazing, as I was able to build a great foundation and basic for where the future supply chain will move forward.


The “dice roll” game was not only entertaining and simple, but carried a big lesson behind it.

I thought having a buffer at the end (beginning of the course), right before the customer, was what was needed but learned a new concept of setting them across the supply chain where needed. I have always been taught that inventory is absolutely evil and need to be eliminated at all cost.

However, due to the fluctuating demand from the market and uncertainty, the flow (buffer stock) would significantly help a company to be the “winner” in the industry!

I am anxious to finish reading “Missing Link” and take other courses to learn more in details to tackle specific issues that are occurring at my company.

Look forward to continuously developing and learning!



I really enjoyed the DDSCF course.  Caroline is a masterful instructor who conveyed her extensive knowledge and experience inside company's Supply Chains to the class.

I really enjoyed her book “The Missing Links” and how she paralleled the events in the book with the transformation of current supply chains and the S&OP process to one focused on flow and demand.

I particularly enjoyed the connection with the Sales & Operations Planning segment and how a Demand Driven format is a powerful tool in Supply Chain management.

This course was a great addition to the evolving body of work concerning a Demand Driven environment.

Thanks and wishing you all continued success,


Thanks again for a great course on DDSC Fundamentals.  It was very informative and a great learning experience.  It really "connected the dots” for me on how S&OP reconciles with the operational, tactical, and strategic levels.


Good luck and success on the rest of your trip and safe travels.  It was great to see you again.

I will see what I can develop in Sweden and let you know.

Happy Holidays!





I thought that Caroline did a masterful job of leading the students into the discovery of all of the important pieces of why being Demand Driven is so very critical in today’s business environment.  I particularly appreciated that we, as students, were able to discern exactly what was needed without becoming bogged down in detailed calculations!


Additionally I was thrilled to see that while applicable in any manufacturing environment, the principles were equally applicable to nearly any other business environment, including my own, Not-For-Profit world!


Thank you for the opportunity to experience first hand the benefits of this course!!


An amazing course, which led me to "discover" things that forward looking organizations MUST KNOW to grow, thrive, and make valuable contributions to my organizations. There is no question in my mind that organizations using these tools will quickly rise to the top of their industry.


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